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// Human-Centered Software development

Our expertise

At Innogiant we develop digital products for millions of users. With decades of experience we pair the right technologies and human-centric design to create engaging user experiences.


  • Business & strategy design
  • Service design
  • Co-creation workshops
  • User insights & testing


  • Concept design
  • UI / UX design
  • Motion design
  • Prototypes


  • Mobile applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Full-stack development
  • VR / AR / XR solutions
  • IOT solutions


  • Project leading
  • Analytics & insights
  • Retrospectives

What have we done lately


Nokia Technologies

The development of the upcoming Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) standard for video-based point cloud compression (V-PCC) and the first implementations of the standard are some of our most exciting recent projects.

Achieving the goals of distributing 3D video content over today’s network infrastructure and real-time decoding on current generation mobile devices makes us proud of our cross-domain expertise. Our experience in real-time computer graphics and video coding has been a great advantage while working in the VR and AR space.

Taksi Tampere

Taksi Tampere

Building a mobile application has been a significant milestone for us. Digitalization is changing the world fast, and in Taksi Tampere we are dedicated to developing new innovations and business models with our partners.

It has been incredible how Innogiant has taken up the challenge and has teamed up with us to develop our services. Together we are focused on the customer experience, and we carefully listen to customers' needs.

Tommi Rautajoki
/// IT Manager, Taksi Tampere

Taksi Tampere

Mylab / My+ verikeskus

The technical expertise of Innogiant is outstanding, and the work performed by the team is both thorough and yields excellent results.

Their capability to deep dive into our domain combined with the ability to provide constructive criticism and results-oriented suggestions is unique. Proactivity and efficiency are reflected in every aspect, from communication to implementation.

Mikko Sipilä
/// Product Manager, Mylab

Featured clients

We have delivered successful projects for clients around the world and here are few of them.

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/// Chief Executive Officer

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/// Business Development

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